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About Us

Small but ambitious Start-up

Our Story

Learn more about our company.

I am Tadas Petrosius, and I am the driving force behind 3D Print My Thing. I fell in love with 3D printing and built my first printer while studying electronics. Since then I have designed, modelled and printed countless prints for my personal use as well as for friends and family. It has been incredibly entertaining to bring my ideas to life. This is how the idea for the 3D Print My Thing was born.
We believe 3D printing does not have to be a complicated process reserved for the tech-savvy. We aim at making it more accessible. If you have an idea, it can be brought to life - with a bit of help. We offer 3D printing and modelling services, and you are welcome to get in touch to receive a consultation on your ideas.
In a world where we should be consuming and buying less, and reusing and fixing more, 3D printing provides a great opportunity. The opportunity to repair items with a few biodegradable 3D printed parts instead of ordering new ones. This also comes with using only the required amount of plastic rather than buying supplies in bulk.

Why work with us?

01. We are creative.
We thrive on new design challenges.
02. We work fast and efficient.
We have 3 amazing printers which can produce prints quite fast and with good quality.
03. We are super friendly.
No judgment if you want to contact us and hear more about the process. 3D printing could be quite an unfamiliar territory. We will do our best to consult you about your best options.

Want to discuss your new project?

We will provide the best 3D solutions for your printing needs. Our response time is within 24 hours.