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We provide quality 3D printing solutions

We offer

3D modeling

Converting visions and ideas into 3D models ready for print.

External models

We print models and figurines bought from other sources.

FDM printing

For big prints. We can print big models if requested made from a seperate parts.

SLA Printing

Perfect for small models and figurines. Smooth and seamless finish.
3D printed model of Black Widow

Printer repair

We can offer a service of idetifying and repairing the issues with your printer.


A prototype or a final product, we will make sure that your print has the best quality 3D printing can offer.


At your request, the models can be put together or delivered in pieces.


We will inform you about any changes or challenges in the printing process with the option to cancel the order.

Work process

3D printing is an easy way to manufacture models and parts. Depending on your needs and the project scale, the work process can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

01. Discussion
We start our process with a non-committal meeting. We form a common understanding of your idea and needs for the project.
02. Design
In an iterative process with your provided feedback, we design the 3D model. We can advise on the material selection and technical modifications of the model. We also offer modifications of external print files.
03. Prototype
Printing the first draft of the 3D model. In this phase, we add corrections and adjustments.
04. Production
It is advised to use 3D printing for the prototyping phase instead of full-scale production, but we also offer an option for larger unit printing and quality finish printing.

Want to discuss your new project?

We will provide the best 3D solutions for your printing needs. Our response time is within 24 hours.